Fund Chicago Project

Help Chicago Buzz Marketing give back!

The Chicago Buzz team is passionate about serving those who help others. Our goal is to assist small businesses and non-profits with marketing and developing relationships, at no cost to them.

From fighting to keep the arts alive to assisting the homeless, so many organizations in the Chicagoland area are offering their time and services to better the community and help others. Unfortunately, many of these wonderful organizations do not have the resources to compete with bigger companies and their work goes unnoticed. Through this iniative, Chicago Buzz can help these organizations reach more people in need, make connections, and create a “buzz” about the amazing work done by these groups.

Whether they provide our communities with art or just provide a place to relax with friends, Chicago Buzz wants to empower these organizations to continue to make a difference. Together, we can foster and support small local businesses that keep Chicago strong.

To donate to the Fund Chicago Project, please contact Anna Marie at

Past and Present Beneficiaries

Publicity Club of Chicago

America’s Cardboard Cup Regatta

America's Cardboard Cup Regatta

Handing Hope