Creating Content to Attract a Target Audience

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Creating Content to Attract a Target Audience

written by Anna Marie Imbordino, CEO Chicago Buzz Marketing
October 28, 2016

As a I study the changes in social media and digital contenting, I see an epidemic of businesses posting content that not only confuses their target markets, but in some cases scares them away. Yes, I am telling you your social media posts have the ability to tell your audience messages you do not want them to hear. Your social media posts may be saying, “Do not use our service, we are unprofessional  and screwing around in the back.” Or maybe they say, “I do not understand technology and therefore may be behind the times.” And of course they may innocently just say, “This product or service is not for you, because the people and businesses we show are not like you.” The idea of a target market is a basic concept so I will not dig into that one. Go to any college on the planet and take Marketing 101 and the first thing out of that professors mouth will be about understanding your clients target audience. Every marketer and publicist you work with should ask you the same questions…Who are your target markets? Which of those markets produces the most profitable lead? If you feel you do not have an answer to those two questions that is your problem number 1. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Fortunately, most business owners can easily determine who their target markets are. Unfortunately, most business owners have no stinking idea how to create content that “talks” to those markets. Businesses posts pictures of adults when their services cater to children, pictures of women in their twenties when the product is used by women in their retirement years, events for seniors when their target audience is families, and those are just examples from my current facebook feed right now at 10:57pm on October 17th. Yep, I just got real. We must pay attention to our content! Content is King. Content is our message. Content is how I determine if I need your product or service. Do not just post on your platforms because you know you “should” and certainly do no post if you do not have a definite and specific strategy in mind. Create a message using all the multi-media tools at your disposal. Here is a checklist to use to help determine if your content is market appropriate….

1. Do I have a captivating high definition graphic or video?

2. Does that graphic or video feature situations and people indicative of the target market I am speaking to?

3. Does my text content, tags, and hashtags back up my message to that audience?

4. Is my content timely and relevant to my target audience?

5. Can my content be interpreted as unprofessional or offensive to my target audience?